Second 25th Infantry Battalion

Historical Reenactment Unit

                                       Second 25th Infantry Battalion, 25th Brigade, 7th Division


Welcome to the Second 25th!   A Historical reenactment unit and member of the Historical Reenactment Society. 

Currently we have five members in our Unit.  We have two different impressions for the 2/25th  One being the 1941 Syria and 1941 - 1942 North Africa campaign.  The other is the PTO.  New Guinea 1942 - 1943 and 1945 Borneo.   While the uniforms, webbing and armament have to be historically accurate our unit offers our members numerous options when it comes to our impressions.  Wear a helmet or slouch.  Shorts or pants.  Puttees, US gaiters, UK gaiters or just socks. Plain green puggaree or the khaki seven fold. Each member can bash his slouch however he wants.  This means each member can have a unique look.  For the colder months we have a secondary impression.  The 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.


   Statement of Purpose

 The purpose of the Second 25th Infantry Battalion is to educate people about Australia's contribution to the little known campaign fought in the Middle East by the Australian 7th Division against the Vichy French and it's involvement in the Southwest Pacific Theatre during World War II.  Australians comprised most of General McArthur's forces in the first two years of the Pacific War. Australians and American ground forces fought a desperate, no quarter war in  the Southwest Pacific Campaign.  New Guinea was perhaps the worst environment any troops faced during the WW2. 

                                                                           Our Impressions


  Zac is in khaki drill.  This was worn in Syria and North Africa.          Kevin is in Jungle Greens.  This was worn in New Guinea and Borneo.

The first troops sent to New Guinea, CMF units and the 21st Brigade of the 7th Division, were in their KD uniforms.  Jungle Greens were standard when the 25th Brigade was sent up the Kokoda Track.  This comprised the 2/25th, 2/31st and 2/33rd battalions.


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